Neutralize rogue drones with the power of
electromagnetic jamming.

Smart electromagnetic jamming

Electromagnetic jamming is a highly effective active neutralisation weapon against hostile drones. Like the mythological gorgon, whose gaze could turn people into stone, the modern-day MEDUSA produces an EM pulse that instantly pins down surrounding drones, effectively eliminating them.
  • Instantaneous, gradual and proportionate neutralization
  • Broad RF coverage
  • Smart mode: RF range targeting to reduce EM interferences and automatic trigger via integration with HYDRA
  • Modular, scalable and highly configurable
  • Easy installation

Medusa 100

Designed to trigger the emergency procedure of rogue drones, often forcing their immediate landing.


  • Neutralization of remotely and GNSS piloted drones
  • Coverage: 360° with 1 unit
  • RF ranges: 2.4 and 5.8 GHz and L band/433, 868 and 915 MHz optional
  • Accuracy: omnidirectional
  • Average neutralization range: ratios up to 2/1
  • Smart mode: selection of RF ranges to be jammed and power output

Remote control via integration with HYDRA.

  • Settings and effector status.
  • Access to smart mode/automatic trigger.
  • Alarm and automatic deactivation after long uninterrupted use for safety.


Mobility Kit

To temporarily protect a sensitive site or event. Includes a wheeled transport case, a tripod and antenna mounting.

Spectrum extension

To increase the neutralization coverage by adding low frequency ranges on which several rarer drones can operate

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