Integrated, portable Anti-Drone solution
With detection, location and neutralisation in one portable and capable package, CHIMERA can meet demanding security requirements. It combines stealth and agility and unequalled flexibility to give the needed edge to drone defences. This highly configurable platform can connect with larger C2 to give it added flexibility.
  • Detection of drone and remote control
  • Coverage: 360° with manpack omnidirectional antenna
  • Accuracy: direction finding on drone and pilot
  • Average detection range: 1 km
  • Neutralisation of remotely and GNSS piloted drones via BVLOS directional jamming
  • Smart mode: selection of RF ranges to be jammed
  • Pocket-size C2 on rugged phone/tablet
  • Multiple options for customization

Customization Options

Long Endurance

Tactical Vest


Earpiece &
Maintenance cable

Chimera 100

A complete portable counter drone solution designed to detect, identify, track and neutralize rogue drones.


  • Passive RF detection of drone and remote control
  • Embedded jamming technology to neutralise rogue drones
  • Human-portable format powered by batteries
  • Scalable and interoperable platform
  • Can be wirelessly integrated with larger C2

Smartphone Integration

Powerful as it, CHIMERA is also easy to deploy and use. It can be operated even from a smartphone, with an user friendly interface installed on a Samsung Galaxy S10 with a rugged shell built for the field. You can control your defences on the go, and set the parameters that define the intrusion and neutralisation of a malicious drone.

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