Easy and reliable detection of rogue drones with RF analysis.

Radio frequency solutions

HYDRA is a suite of solutions for drone detection that uses proven and fail-safe RF analysis. Like the mythological serpent with many heads, HYDRA relies on a cluster of sensors working in concert, with a vantage from the top of tall masts. They are easily scalable and work together like a perfectly coordinated team thanks to our signal processing algorithms.
  • Radio detection for drone and Remote Control
  • Drone type identification
  • Very low rate of false alarms
  • Passive solution: zero interference
  • Ease of installation: 20 min/2 PAX
  • Modular, scalable and highly configurable

Hydra 50

Designed to detect the mandatory electronic signatures of uncooperative drones.


  • Detection of drone and “home” position
  • Accuracy: geolocation in 3D
  • Average detection range: 1 km
  • Pilot identification for police units

Ergonomic UI

CERBAIR’s software processes all the information from sensors and alerts security operators of the presence and location of drones AND their pilots. The information is displayed in a simplified and very ergonomic User Interface (UI). To facilitate monitoring by operators and remote teams, the UI can also be installed on a rugged or semi-rugged laptop.

Easy Integration

This user interface (UI) can be easily integrated into your existing security system via Hypervisor or VMS.


Mobility Kit

A Mobility Kit to temporarily protect a sensitive site or event. Includes a semi-rugged laptop, transport cases, a telescopic mast and a switch.

Spectrum extension

To increase the detection coverage by adding low frequency ranges on which several rarer drones can operate.


The ruggedness of the laptop to deploy it under the harshest conditions.


The integration of complementary detection and neutralization technologies into HYDRA C2.

Other solutions


Rogue drone neutralization with smart electromagnetic jamming


Portable and Integrated Anti-Drone Solution


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