The ultimate sniper and sport special for
highly accurate long distance shooting

Outstanding Accuracy

The CZ TSR ensures SUB-MOA accuracy for a minimum of 10,000 rounds. Designed for precision bullet placement by military and long-range shooting specialists, the TSR boasts key design elements like an adjustable weight trigger, adjustable folding stock, and helical fluting pattern on the bolt that ensures reliable function even when faced with dirt and debris.
Due to several STANAG 4694 mounting rails, the CZ TSR can be customized with various shooting accessories for a wide variety of missions. Built to be reliable under all conditions, the CZ TSR is expertly crafted using world-class materials.

Main Features

Thick walled, cold hammer
forged barrel with
SUB-MOA accuracy

Cold hammer forging is the most demanding, precise and expensive method of forging the barrel bore by directing the flow of metal fibers, which positively affects the accuracy and service life of the barrel. This is further enhanced by the thick-walled barrel design.

Adjustable 2-stage trigger

The trigger is highly sensitive with a clearly defined break.

Helical bolt fluting

Helical fluting on the bolt provides increased resistance to dirt and debris.

Precisely shaped bold

The shape and angle of the bolt handle allows for reliable and fast reloading with a mounted riflescope.

Folding shoulder stock

The folding shoulder stock, with switchable folding direction, locks strongly and securely in place.

Adjustable comb

Height and rotation-adjustable comb for achieving an optimum aiming position.

Pistol grip with
replaceable backstops

Advanced ergonomic pistol grip with storage compartment and replaceable backstraps. Aggressive checkering ensures a reliable grip with bare hands, as well as with gloves.

Fully adjustable butt pad

A fully adjustable butt pad allows for increased personalization of the firearm to achieve an optimum aiming position. Adjustments of the pad can be made in height, length and angle.

Interchangeable bolt
handle ball

Bolt handle ball can be changed out for increased customization by shooter.

7.62x51 10-round

Robust and mechanical damage resistant magazine holds ten 7.62x51 cartridges.

STANAG 4694 mounting

Attach your choice of optical sights and accessories, such as reflector sights, flashlights, laser pointers, front hand guards and more.

M18x1 muzzle thread with
highly effective

An effective compensator for increased shooting comfort is mounted on the M18×1 threaded barrel.

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