A new paragon of the modern rimfire rifle.

For over 70 years, we’ve been the world leader in the development and manufacture of long guns using rimfire cartridges. Each and every one of our rimfire model Series has always been the best on the market, however, none of them have made such an enormous leap in the improvement of all key user parameters as the CZ 457 family.
It was no easy feat, as we had to outdo ourselves as the global number one. But thanks to the all-around radical modernization our company has undergone over the last decade, we have accomplished our mission and created a new series of superbly crafted, modern rimfire rifles for all types of customers.
The CZ 457 Series offers exceptional shooting comfort in the form of an easy, fast and reliable operation, even with a fitted aiming binoculars. For maximum safety, the CZ 457 Series is equipped with a positive safety device on the right side of the bed, a warning device and a separate pull-out control. A new adjustable trigger mechanism with low resistance and excellent running, significantly reduced striker weight and a new type of bedding contribute to a significant improvement in accuracy. A revolutionary novelty is the extremely durable anti-corrosion surface treatment of metal parts. The CZ 457 Series retains the striking hallmark feature of a modular system enabling easy barrel or punching and extremely reliable polymer magazines.
The CZ 457 Series has retained all the important benefits of the previous CZ Rimfire Rifle generation: a modular system that allows for the easy replacement of barrels and change of calibers, as well as extremely reliable polymer magazines.

Main Features

Positive safety

The silent, positive safety allows natural and intuitive control of the firearm with a design that engages when pulled back to the shooter and released when pushed away from the shooter, thereby contributing to safe and comfortable handling.

Separate bolt
removal control

The bolt can be extracted from the receiver without the need to pull the trigger. A separate and easily accessible control allows for the convenient and complete removal of the bolt for cleaning.

Open and remove bolt even with safety engaged

The bolt can be opened and removed even with the safety engaged, so you can safely check the condition of the firearm or unload it without having to release the safety.

Striker status indicator

The indicator features reliable detection of a cocked firing mechanism and can be checked both visually and by touch, which is advantageous when shooting in dim light or at night.

Adjustable trigger mechanism

The adjustable trigger mechanism allows you to precisely tailor the firearm to your needs. Trigger pull is preset to 12 N at the factory, but it can be easily adjusted from 8–15 N. Trigger travel can also be adjusted from 0.5–5 mm.

Lighter striker for increased speed and reduced vibration during firing

Striker weight has been reduced by 38% compared to the previous model, thereby preventing even the smallest vibration that could affect shooting accuracy. The striker is also modified for resistance to dry training.

New type of bedding for constant tightening of screws in stock

The bedding significantly contributes to long-term shooting accuracy and stability of attachment of the mechanism in the stock. It largely eliminates the effects of wood expansion under fluctuating temperatures, therefore remaining correctly sighted-in for longer periods of time and allowing you to shoot extremely accurately.

60° rotation of bolt handle

Bolt rotation has been shortened to 60°, which allows for convenient, smooth and quick reloading of the weapon, especially when optical sights are mounted.

New ergonomic stocks

The CZ 457 Rimfire Rifle Series offers a wide range of stocks. The various options, shapes and materials have a strong emphasis on ergonomics, comfort and convenience of the shooter. You are sure to find one that fits you best.

Easy barrel replacement for quickly changing calibers

The improved modular system of the CZ 457 allows for the use of barrels in various calibers from the previous CZ 455 series, as well as barrel replacement with the use of CZ mini-sets. You can completely customize the firearm to your needs.

Cold hammer forged barrel

The most demanding, precise and expensive method of cold forging the barrel bore directs the flow of fibers, which positively affects the barrel's accuracy and service life.

MATCH chamber on selected models

Selected .22 Lr caliber models, such as the CZ 457 MTR, have a MATCH chamber at the very edge of the CIP tolerance. Precision manufacturing and low tolerances provide an excellent accuracy of 1 MOA, depending on the ammunition used.

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