The CZ TS 2 Series introduces a new level of refinement.

Flawless precision and unmatched speed - every shooter worthy of his name knows that is the beauty of a challenge. After all, the highest demands lead to the greatest victories. With razor-sharp focus and full concentration, it's just you, your aim and your gun. You are giving your 100% and expect the same from your firearm.
The CZ TS 2 model introduces a new level of refinement. It features a sport trigger with a quick reset, and comes with a new frame and slide. The technologies used to create the new model allow for precise tolerances down to a hundredth of a millimeter for a much tighter parts fit, resulting in both increased shooting accuracy and an extended service life.
The improved ergonomics and intelligent distribution of mass enable refined operation, even when shooting fast. There is minimum muzzle rise and return is prompt and natural.

Main Features

Increased accuracy and service life

Usage of high quality materials and latest production technologies increases accuracy.

Machined Magwell and flat anodized duralumin base

Offers long service life and high reliability with various types of ammunition.

Improved ergonomics

Contributes to comfortable handling during firing.

Improved frame and slide geometry

Provides for easier, faster and reliable handling.

Aggressive checkering

Ensures a firm and tactile grip.

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