The CZ P-10 series represents a new level of large-capacity, striker-fired, fiberglass-reinforced polymer frame pistols for self-defense, service and sport.

The comprehensive Series of cutting-edge CZ P-10 pistols include micro (CZ P-10 M), subcompact (CZ P-10 S), compact (CZ P-10 C), semi-compact (CZ P-10 SC) and full-size (CZ P-10 F) models. In addition, OR (Optics-Ready) variants are available that feature a modified slide for quick and secure attachment of a red dot sight.
All CZ P-10 pistols, whose design is based on several patented elements, excel in maximum reliability, high accuracy, extreme longevity and refined operation. The unique checkering and grip further enhance their superb user-friendliness, which have been designed in accordance with our modern DiFEND ergonomic technique.
The very first model, the CZ P-10 C compact, was awarded “Handgun of the Year” in 2017 by Guns & Ammo magazine.

Main Features

Durable Finish

The barrel, slide and frame have a durable finish that provides resistance to mechanical damage and the effects of adverse weather conditions, thus increasing overall service life.

Front and rear
cocking serrations

Front and rear cocking serrations allow for comfortable and safe handling of the slide.

High visibility
iron sights

Iron sights with three luminescent or tritium dots for quick and intuitive aiming. Chamfered edges on the sights ensure smooth handling of the slide.

Durable fiberglass-
reinforced polymer frame

Lightweight, fiberglass-reinforced polymer frame is mechanically strong and thermally stable.


Three sizes of interchangeable backstraps to modify grip and finger reach are included (CZ P-10 S, C, SC, F).

striker block

Combined with the trigger safety, drop safety is fully ensured.

Excellent shooting

Ergonomic grip with prominent checkering for comfort, stability and safety in hand in all conditions.

Flat, ambidextrous
slide stop

Suitable for right- and left-handed shooters, while allowing for comfortable handling with the non-dominant hand. The flat design makes it ideal for concealed carry. (CZ P-10 S, C, SC, F).

Swappable magazine

Swappable magazine release is right- and left-handed friendly for fast, intuitive and comfortable operation.

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