The choice of champions and the leading pistols in the world for IPSC Standard and Open Divisions

Although the primary focus of CZ is on factory production, special models are also produced for its phenomenal Shooting Team. These pistols are specially modified to be as accurate and reliable as possible.
The CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORTS (TS) series has been created with the aim of offering championship quality to a wider circle of customers. These pistols are chiefly intended for the Standard and Open divisions of the IPSC. They are made in small volumes and finely tuned in the factory to offer top results straight out of the box.

Main Features

Fine-tuned SA trigger with straight middle section

Uncompromising SA trigger with a straight design for positive finger contact.

Distinct checkering

Hundreds of aggressively textured squares on the grip ensure excellent stability in hand and help prevent axial and radial slipping, i.e. the firearm does not slip in hand during firing (when it moves up) or when rapidly changing lateral direction.

Long frame

An extended frame ensures perfect guiding of the slide along its entire length and reduces wear of the frame and slide guide grooves, which positively affects shooting accuracy, even after firing a large number of shots. The center of gravity is also moved to the front of the firearm, thereby compensating for muzzle rise.

Front and rear cocking serrations

The CZ 75 TS adapts to your needs with front and rear cocking serrations that allow for comfortable and safe handling of the slide.

Ambidextrous safety

Fast and reliable safety release via a larger ambidextrous safety that also serves as a safe thumb rest during shooting.

Extended and adjustable magazine release

Convenient magazine release with extended stem is easily adjustable for right or left hand use.

Funnel-shaped magwell

Reloading speed, which is especially important during dynamic shooting, is notably increased by a funnel-shaped magwell that directs the full magazine quickly and safely in place.

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