Advanced bolt-action rifles for sport shooting in the 21st century.

The new CZ 600 Series is a radical generational upgrade of the centerfire rifle product line. Its unique modular design comes with many patented features that improve reliability, durability, ergonomics, shooting comfort, safety and accuracy. Models for sport and hobby are available in a wide range of popular calibers.

Main Features

Highly accurate cold hammer forged barrel

We utilize the most demanding, precise and expensive method of cold hammer forging the barrel bore for directing the flow of fibers, which positively affects the barrel’s accuracy and extends its service life.

Exceptional ergonomics

Ergonomics are important for ensuring intuitive operation of the firearm without having to find controls visually or by touch.

Fully adjustable trigger as standard

Adjustment of travel, pull, overtravel and takeup of the trigger mechanism comes as standard.

Windage adjustable
rear sight

The combination of a windage adjustable rear sight and height adjustable front sight with optic fiber allows for accurate aiming.

Fiber optic front sight

The fiber optic in the sight collects light from the environment and concentrates it into its cross-section. It shines brightly compared to surrounding objects, thereby improving and accelerating aiming orientation to significantly reduce the time needed to aim.

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