Your friend in the sky

Vinveli’s indigenously designed and built unmanned systems are robust, flexible and customisable platforms with a wide range of applications. They make possible exponentially higher levels of data collection, operational efficiencies and cost effectiveness. Vinveli’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) come with a tightly integrated ecosystem for class leading endurance, autonomy, ease of operation and ownership.


As the world combats the effects of climate change and struggles to feed a still growing population, it is becoming increasingly clear that technology must collaborate with nature. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are among the most obvious and natural examples of this teaming up. UAS fleets can patrol crop fields and collect essential data through remote aerial inspection. Vinveli’s UAS are an essential component of precision agriculture, helping lower inputs and stresses on the land while at the same time increasing yields.


Vinveli’s UAS solution increases the efficiency of data collection, inspection and maintenance in the energy sector. It also helps save lives and lower manpower costs by eliminating the need for human technicians. It can help monitor and maintain vast solar energy fields, hydropower projects and wind energy farms, mapping every square foot of kilometres-wide spaces in practical time frames. Its advanced UAS sensor payloads and powerful data processing and analysis can help detect and predict maintenance needs, to protect investments and continually achieve optimal efficiency.


Industrial inspection is absolutely essential, but involves taxing labour that is beyond the endurance of humans, while often putting their health and lives at risk. A fleet of UAS can carry out these tasks faster, more thoroughly and cost effectively. Vinveli’s UAS solution delivers comprehensive data and the power to process it. It can facilitate continuous operations and reduce costs by making a high degree of proactive preventive maintenance possible.


Accidents and medical emergencies can happen anywhere. More often than not, they occur in places that medical help cannot reach in time. Rapid response requires a minimum of 15 minutes and on average, 30 minutes. Our autonomous Vero™ drones, on the other hand can fly over obstacles and traffic and reach the patient or accident victim within ten minutes. They can help first responders administer lifesaving drugs or procedures during the crucial first few minutes of the emergency.


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